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Enter the Breaking the News photography competition 2022

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Add a photo of the community activity from your area to be entered into the Breaking the News photography competition and a chance to win afternoon tea for two.

The competition runs until 30 June 2022 and entries must be tagged with ‘BreakingTheNews’.

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The towering Scott Monument

May 2016

About this memory

If I had to pick one older place in Edinburgh to look at, it'd be the Scott Monument. This unmoving gothic monolith towers over Princes Street like no other structure in the area.

I remember as a child wanting to climb this with my parents just to see the city. I remember it signalling it was time to get off the bus when I got my first job in the city centre. I remember the first time I saw a face on the monument and I remember the first time I saw this monument in winter, surrounded by snow and barren trees.

This one piece of architecture is homely in a chilling way. I couldn't imagine Princes Street without it.

Shot on a Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 using Rollei IR400.



Princes St

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