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Enter the Breaking the News photography competition 2022

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Add a photo of the community activity from your area to be entered into the Breaking the News photography competition and a chance to win afternoon tea for two.

The competition runs until 30 June 2022 and entries must be tagged with ‘BreakingTheNews’.

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David Hume Tower in twilight

3rd July 2016

About this memory

When I first moved into the city centre, I entered my new council flat with my housing officer. I looked around the bare lodgings, walking across the hardwood floor. I looked out the windows and there it was. The one building I'd see every day that I lived in my new house.

David Hume tower is one of the many beautiful buildings operated by the University of Edinburgh. Living on Buccleuch Place it is a wonderful building that will tower above all other changes in the area. A design that's pleasing to the eye, it is undoubtedly much more pleasing to the soviet block stylings of Appleton tower.

It's especially nice to walk past on a Winter evening, with windows ablaze. Also be sure to watch out for the window cleaners. It surely is a sight to behold.

This tower has come to represent the final stretch on my way home. I know when I pass by here that a warm house awaits in no less than two minutes. If only I could get a chance to go inside and see the view.

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