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Murrayburn Primary School-Class of 1952 Teacher Unknown.


About this memory

This class was at the school between 1950 and1957.There is no actual date shown but the children look about 6-7 so have dated it 1952.

Back Row from the left: Mervyn Johnston, Tommy Luke, Barry Mercer, Derek Ovenstone, Billy Shaw, Tommy Ramsay,?, George Turnbull, Dougal Campbell, Malcolm Walker, Raymond Aitcheson, John Gellatly, Derek Hewitt, Campbell Pringle, Jackie Neaves, Tommy Hunter, David Ferguson.

Second Row: Jennifer or Maryln Brown, Morag McLachlan, Wilma Lind, Janice Orr, Deirdrie Baillie,?,Moira Johnson, Helen Davey, Pat Stewart, Evelyn Bertram, Joan Rutherford, Muriel Robertson, Irene Cunningham, Sheila Williamson, Wilma Anderson

Front row: Alison Slight, Christine Scott, May Ferguson, Marjorie Penman, June Bennett and Janice Halliday.

Thanks to Jack Wardell and the late George Turnbull for the photo and details.



Murrayburn School Sighthill Loan, Sighthill

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