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Murrayburn Primary School - Miss Brown's Class of 1947


About this memory

Identified so far:-
Front Row:- 1st left Adelaide Douglas
3rd left Marion Fair
4th left Gladys ?
1st right Dorothy Cameron
Second Row:-
1st left Mary Roxborough
6th left Alison Forrest?
7th left Margaret King
8th left Alison Forrest
1st right Carol Bell
3rd Row
1st left George Stark (the boy with his face scratched out.)
5th left A. Gibson
Back Row
4th left Alan Martin
5th left Eric Sands
6th left David Gourlay
8th left Ian Bell

Lady Teacher on left is a Student
Male Teacher is the Headmaster Mr Butcher.
Miss Brown is on the right.



Murrayburn School Sighthill Loan, Sighthill

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