Attending a Wedding in St Nicholas Broomhouse Hut circa 1950s.


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Moira Greig's Mum and Dad, Mr and Mrs Tripp, with the Buttonholes.
St David's Broomhouse began in a wooden hut at Broomhouse Bank which was vacated on the formation of St. Nicholas Sighthill on 8 September 1957. The parish of St Nicholas was divided by Edinburgh Presbytery who decided that both Sighthill and Broomhouse could each sustain a Church of their own. A number of people in Broomhouse stayed on and continued to worship in the “Old Hut” as it became known and it was used for worship until the present church was opened in 1965.

In 1959, the site of the old Saughton farmhouse was acquired by the Church of Scotland Extension Committee to build a new Church for the Broomhouse congregation.​

In 1961, a Basis of Union was agreed which translated the name and rich traditions of St. David’s Morrison Street to the new congregation in Broomhouse.​

The first service of the new united congregation took place on 17th September 1961 and was conducted by the Rev John Stirling who along with some 70 members of the Morrison Street church made the move to a new home in Broomhouse.
The Hut was then used as a Bank and a Shop before demolition.

​Thanks to Myra Legge and Moira Greig for the photo and St David's Church Broomhouse for the narrative.



Broomhouse Bank Sighthill, Sighthill

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