Childrens Games by David McMillan - Part Two

21st January 2021

(Continued from Part One)

A variant activity was “Rattley-Tattley” where medium sized stones were thrown onto the prefab’s aluminium roofs and made to bounce to excellent and thunderous percussive effect. This was also good exercise as we could never be sure that the householder wouldn’t come out and belt us.
My particular favourite was a game that had no real name but which I shall describe as “Disappearing Purse”. A long piece of black thread was attached to an old purse “borrowed” from someone’s mum or sister. This was then laid on the pavement under a lighted lamppost. Passers by would spot the prize and as they bent to pick it up it was yanked away into the darkness. Mostly they were too shocked and puzzled to investigate further. Frivolous but fun. A Variation was “Chicky Melly”) A button attached to a long line of black thread was taped to a window, but with slack allowing it to be pulled from a distance, setting up a tap, tap tapping at the window. The curtains would yank back and finding nothing there would be quickly closed. After a couple of minutes the tapping would start again..………And so on, ad nauseam.

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