The Calders Estate Sighthill by David McMillan - Part Four


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(Continued from Part Three)
Beyond the terminus, across The Calder Road was Sighthill Industrial Estate where a variety of factories and warehouses were built over the dozen years we lived there. Who was the benefactor providing all these recreational blandishments? Who cared? Security was meagre and was never going to deter a bunch of boys intent on making their own entertainment. Here were climbing challenges altogether different from trees; occasionally forgotten tools if you fancied a bit of digging or some mindless hacking, an incomparable stage-set for hiding/chasing games, and a useful resource if you needed wood for a bonfire, or sheets of corrugated iron for a gang-hut, say. Graffiti was conspicuously absent but I imagine we lacked the basic materials to do anything significant.(Continued in Part Five)

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