Meeting Muhammad Ali

20th November 1993

About this memory

4.51 pm - Sitting beside Muhammad Ali, bottom left of the photograph is Howard L. Bingham ( Freelance Photographer ) in the brightly coloured top.

4.55 pm - The book- signing began. As I was the first person in the queue, Muhammad Ali looking me straight in the eye, stretched out his hand and shook mine. It was an astonishing moment, I have never ever forgotten. I had actually shaken hand's with Muhammad Ali, the Greatest Heavyweight Boxer ever. I walked away with my book " Muhammad Ali - A Thirty Year Journey that Ali and Bingham had both signed.

I moved past the queue which stretched across the third floor, down the stairway's to the ground floor and turned right onto Princes Street. The very long queue, stretched further along Princes Street toward's the West End and turned right into Charlotte Square, where it finally ended. Such was the respect on that November day for Ali from his Edinburgh fan's.

Footnote : Howard Bingham first met the then, Cassius Clay in 1962 while Ali was in Los Angeles. At that time Bingham had never heard of Cassius Clay, he introduced himself, took a few picture's and left.

The following year Ali asked Bingham to join him in Miami where he was training. They were friend's since then.

For more than 30 year's Bingham had been a witness to and a partner in the dramatic and thrilling life of Muhammad Ali and through it all, he has been there with his camera in hand, recording every facet of Ali's life, like no one else.

Author or artist: Patrick McCole



Waterstones, Princes Street, New Town

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