Muhammad Ali Tribute

31st July 2016

About this memory

Muhammad Ali had been battling against the debilitating Parkinson's Disease for 32 years. His death this year reminded me of his visit to Edinburgh and our meeting.

Over the year's, this syndrome severely impaired Ali's motor skills and speech but he remained active as a Humantarian and a Good Will Ambassador.

Aged 74 Muhammad Ali died of Sceptic Shock at Scottsdale Arizona, USA.

A Muslim Prayer Service in which all Faith's were welcomed, was held on Thursday 2 nd June.

Muhammad Ali was buried on his home town of Louisvale, Kentucky, USA.

Earlier on in the day of Friday 3rd June, an estimated 100,000 people chanting "ALI ALI " lined the street's as a hearse carrying the boxing great in a cherry - red casket, made its way past his childhood home, to Louisvale Cave Hill Cemetery, where a private burial service, was held for the 3 - Time Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Author or artist: Patrick McCole




Princes Street, New Town

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