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Wester Hailes Primary School - Miss Cowe's Class P1- 1953


About this memory

L to R: Back row: Gerald Courtney, ?, ?, Peter Gray, George Paterson, Alan Dalgleish, Sidney Dixon, Gordon Alexander?, Robert Veitch, James Moore, Ronnie Adams, Kenny Mearns. Teacher Miss Cowe.
2nd back: ?, Barbara Stewart, Lorna Fanning,
Maureen O'Hara, Helen Miller, ?, ?, Janet Dick, ?, Anne Haddow, Ann Skedd, ?, ?, Elisabeth Hankins (me), ?,
2nd front row: Norma Dolan, Joyce Seaton, ?, Eileen Cunningham, Elizabeth Crosbie, Elizabeth McKenna,
front row: ?, Isobel Cluett, Elizabeth Aein, ?, Freda Colborne
Some of the other names from our class but not sure which is which:
Douglas Cherry, Donald McKenzie, Yvonne Cumming, Frank Lethbridge, Sandra?, Ruth Glass, Valerie Cunningham, Gordon McKenzie, Charlie Balloch.
Thanks to Liz Begley for the photo and details..


Sighthill and Wester Hailes, Sighthill

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