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AILOH Prefab (No. 11 Calder Drive) 1947


About this memory

The AIROH (Aircraft Industries Research Organisation on Housing) house was a 675-square-foot (62.7 m2), ten tonne all-aluminium bungalow assembled from four sections, each to be delivered to the site on a lorry, fully furnished right down to the curtains. The proposed rate of production of complete houses was to be an incredible one every twelve minutes. This was possible because the completely equipped and furnished AIROH could be assembled from only 2,000 components,
The AIROH, by 1947, was costing £1,610 each to produce, plus costs of the land and installation. However, as the design was so easy to produce, 54,500 AIROHs were constructed.


Calders Prefab Estate Sighthill, Sighthill

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