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Growing up in the prefabs

The families around us were Joyce Wishart, Sandra Cooper, Margaret Paterson, Ian Smith, Joyce and Brian Howes, Richard Fraser, Brian Henderson, Barbera Stewart, the Johnsons, Mr and Mrs Woods, Eilean Cunningham, Stewart Lindsay, next door Mr & Mrs Culson, Mr & Mrs Wyman. Sledging hill at the canal bridge on Wester Hailes road down to the Murrayburn. Collecting birds eggs in Baberton quarry. Mr Wright the boathouse keepers house up at the Union Canal and his son David. Using the guider down german road to the railway bridge. The store up by the Gerry Camp. Sunday school in the wooden church beside the bowling green and garage on Calder road. Dr Dodson in Sighthill Newk. Pat little and Leslie Anne Smith. Gordon Jonstone. The 34, 35 and 22 bus terminal up by the canal bridge and Police house. The tinkers used to park this side of the canal bridge sometimes in summer. The rag and bone man giving goldfish in payment. The onion sellers on bikes. The store horse drawn milk cart, the Dumfies dairy electric cart. Mr Arnott the newsagent, Orsten and Wells haberdashers, Mr Cooper the butcher, Mrs ? the drysalter (she lived in Craiglockart).


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