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Photo of my Twin Sisters Wendy & Marjory.


About this memory

1949 - With matching dresses which my Mother made.

During the middle of World War II my mum was pregnant. Too ill to be moved to a Hospital they sent Nurse's to the Dean Village but they couldn't find our House.

Luckily Doctor Marjory Pearson knew where she was to go. My Mum told Dr Pearson that if the baby was a girl she would call her Marjory after the Doctor, to which she was told not to worry, you concentrate on having the other baby and that's when she found out she was having twin's

The twin's were born on the 14th November 1943.

Lady Elphistone (elder Sister of Elizabeth Bowes Lyon later to become Queen) had opened up her House to give mother's who needed to recuperate the opportunity to do so.

That is how Marjory got her name and how the twin's were Christened in the future Queen 's - Sister's Home.

Author or artist: Lynn Ridgway

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