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This is Barbara sitting on the flat roof of our House at number 2 West Mill Lane.


About this memory

1948 - Our house, was in the centre of the Dean Village.

The beauty of having a Flat Roof was when the Halliday's (who lived below us) set their lum (chimney) on fire. Mr Halliday went up the wooden stair's in our hallway to the flat roof with a bucket of water to put it out. Our Mum had just given the twin's and myself a bath, she'd dressed me in a white pleated skirt, white jumper, white socks and shoes all ready to attend a church service at the Episcopal Mission (on Bell's Brae) and was standing in my favourite position warming my derriere at the fire and swoosh I'm covered in soot.

Still wonder why she didn't do him an injury, for putting the water, down the wrong chimney.

As you can see from the photo, the Front of the Roof had a Wooden Rail around it, which looked ready to collapse at any time. I was so scared of falling over it, I wouldn't go near it.

We loved our flat roof that's where we used to dry our clothes.

The flat roof was a favourite place for my brother Ian and his pals, Harry Smith (3 Dean Path Building's) and George Turner (44 Well Court) as it housed their racing pidgeon's (Doocot) on it.

I am still annoyed that they didn't save our old house from demolishment, as we all loved our flat roof.

Author or artist: Lynn Ridgway


2 West Mill Lane , Dean Village

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