Meeting Muhammad Ali on Friday 20th November 1993

20th November 1993

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Meeting took place at Waterstones Bookseller's, 128 Princes Street, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Diary of Event's : 14th November 1993 - I heard that Muhammad Ali was going to be completing a book-signing. I telephoned Waterstones Booksellers to be told that there were to be no tickets but that Muhammad Ali's book-signing would start at 5.00 pm and finish at 7.00 pm on Friday 20th November.

20th November - Anticipating large crowds, I took a half day's holiday from work and took a bus to Princes Street, ready to join the queue but there were no queues.

1.45 pm - I went into the ground floor off Waterstones Booksellers and asked at the counter where Muhammad Ali's book-signing was taking place. A member of staff told me that the book-signing was taking place on the third floor.

Arriving on the third floor, I asked another member of staff where the book-signing was to take place. I was told that it was to take place at the large oval table beside the large Bay Window, which overlooked Princes Street and Edinburgh Castle.

I asked where the queue was and to my amazement, I was told that there was no queue and that I was first to arrive. In advance of receiving the Book, I paid the shop Assistant £19.95 (which 23 years ago was a lot of money) to which a ticket was issued to me.

I made my way over to the table, beside the Bay Window.

Within a few minutes, two men arrived in the queue, followed shortly by people queuing the whole length of the long third floor.

Author or artist: Patrick McCole



Waterstones, 128 Princes St, Edinburgh, New Town

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