West Mill Lane, Dean Village - Climbing the High "Dean Garden" Gate's.


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1952 - My sister Wendy and I, am almost sure John Lee (41 Dean Path) was with us when we used to climb the high gate's to get on the roof of the garages. Then we went over the wall, into the sprawling beautiful private landscaped Dean Garden's which surrounded the Dean Path boundary line.

The Garden's were established decades earlier, to supplement the affluent houses which had been built at Belgrave Crescent, Eton Terrace and surrounding area.

We played on the swings. We also got the boughs from the trees to make Bow's and Arrow's. Cowboys and Indians was also a favourite game.

Also John Gallagher who lived round the corner in Dean Path, was with us on quite a few occasions. We were chased a few times by the private Park Keeper but thank goodness we were always faster, than he was.

We also entered the high gates same way to go right, down to the Water of Leith, opposite the Waterside (a Pedestrian Walkway) which took you from the Dean Village to Stockbridge. There was a rope swing, where you could swing out over the river.

I was about aged 6 plus and continued climbing into Dean Garden's for the next 6 year's. We played there, all through primary school and stopped, when we matured into secondary school.

Author or artist: Lynn Ridgway



West Mill Lane / Dean Garden's, Dean Village

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