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Dorothy arriving for her Wedding accompanied by Lex McLean and his Wife.

12th September 1953

About this memory

12th September 1953 - Dorothy arriving at St Mathews Parish Church, Glasgow for her wedding to Stan McCoubrey.

From left to right Dorothy, Grace Cameron, Bridesmaid (who managed the Grace Dryburgh Troup) and was married to Lex McLean (Cameron) and Lex McLean himself who was the last of the great Scottish music hall comedian's.

My Mother travelled to Glasgow to attend Dot's and Stan's Wedding but the children didn't attend.

At the Wedding Lex McLean gave Dot away.

They have 4 children, Alan, Lex, Grace, and Graham.

Lex and Grace are named after Lex and Grace McLean.

Author or artist: Lynn Ridgway



St Mathews Parish Church, Blytheswood, Glasgow

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