Dean Village - Wooden Bridge which spans the Water of Leith.


About this memory

1961- Although it has a metal structure, it was known to all the Village folk, as the wooden bridge, due to the wooden planking (boards) placed for pedestrian's to walk across.

The wooden bridge is between the area's of Hawthorn (to the left) and Damside (to the right).

The wooden bridge which terrified me when the river was in flood and the water came over the boards. We spent many hours catching minnows at this part of the Water of Leith, then my Mum made us take them back to the river.

My very good friend Jim Cunningham (formerly of 34 Well Court), remember's seeing a young child dropping a ball over the wooden bridge and the ball rolling near a swan's nest, where the mummy and daddy swan were guarding their young.

A small crowd had gathered. My brother Ian, to everyone's amazement, climbed over the side of the Wooden Bridge and jumped down onto the riverbank. Ian made his way carefully over to the ball, picked it up and backed away. He then sprinted back to the wooden bridge and climbed back up as quickly as he could - to a round of applause from everyone.

This photo off the Water of Leith, has been taken looking up river. Legget's Dean Village Tannery factory, was just located here to the right of the wooden bridge, running parallel with the River right up to the Tannery Falls.

Author or artist: Lynn Ridgway and Jim Cunningham


Damside and Hawthorn, Dean Village

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