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Three Children Playing On Leith Links c.1952


About this memory

(L-R) - William Tulloch, Duncan Grant, Christine Tulloch.

"Me, William, and Duncan Grant my cousin, playing on Leith Links. It must have been about 1952 as the boys were both born in 1945 and look about seven or eight. We played in the Leith Links all the time. It looks like a Sunday as it is so quiet.

"William is the little one in front. After school he trained at Brown Bros and became a chief engineer. Duncan became a group captain in the RAF.

"My school friend Zandra Shaw from Links Place used to walk home with me from Moray House through the Links. We had to spit in a particular hole to protect us from the fever van, which we often saw picking up children to go to the isolation hospital at Colinton. Sadly it didn't protect me, as I was there for two months.

"Also, we avoided cracks in the pavement - Step on a line, you'll break your spine; Step on a crack, you'll break your back." - Christine Muir (née Tulloch) [2021]

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