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Jim Moore - Memories of Wester Hailes Primary School Class P1-1953


About this memory

That's me 3rd from the right in the back row. The teacher was called Miss Cowe.

L to R: Back row: Gerald Courtney, ?, ?, Peter Gray, George Paterson, Alan Dalgleish, Sidney Dixon, Gordon Alexander?, Robert Veitch, James Moore, Ronnie Adams, Kenny Mearns. Teacher Miss Cowe.
2nd back: ?, Barbara Stewart, Lorna Fanning,
Maureen O'Hara, Helen Miller, ?, ?, Janet Dick, ?, Anne Haddow, Ann Skedd, ?, ?, Elisabeth Hankins (me), ?,
2nd front row: Norma Dolan, Joyce Seaton, ?, Eileen Cunningham, Elizabeth Crosbie, Elizabeth McKenna,
front row: ?, Isobel Cluett, Elizabeth Aein, ?, Freda Colborne
Some of the other names from our class but not sure which is which:
Douglas Cherry, Donald McKenzie, Yvonne Cumming, Frank Lethbridge, Sandra?, Ruth Glass, Valerie Cunningham, Gordon McKenzie, Charlie Balloch.



Wester Hailes Primary School Sighthill Edinburgh

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