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Glasgow Orphan Homes Of Scotland - Where my mother her sister and brother were sent too.

16th March 1910

About this memory

16 March 1910 - My mother Ann aged 7 and her sister Barbara aged 5 were "admitted" to the Orphan Homes of Scotland (As Quarriers used to be known) James Morrison Street, Glasgow. It was recorded that "They are nice healthy children".

Quarrier's letter say's "that they would have been medically examined and if necessary treated, cleaned up, fed and clothed before being transferred to the main part of the organisation at Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire".

My mother and her sister Barbara were sent to the village orphanage at Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire.

Before that time, my mother Ann was attending as an infant at Broughton Primary School in Edinburgh.

1 April 1910 - Her mother (my grandmother) Barbara Grant died at the City Hospital in Edinburgh. Her residence was recorded as 5 Logie Green Road, Edinburgh. This left her 5 Children as orphans.

The Official Orphan Homes of Scotland "Form of application " states that my mother was a "very good child" and that she was "gentle in character" with "good mental abilities".

Records in the Orphanage's History Books - state the "others are ; William (9) and Elspeth (8) both whom are at Donaldsons Hospital Edinburgh; John is kept by the grandmother who is old and infirm and quite unable to look after him".

29th April 1910 - Six week's later my mum's brother John Lindsay Grant aged 3 was "admitted" to the Orphan Home's of Scotland" and to the same procedures before being transferred to Bridge of Weir.

Author or artist: Lynn Ridgway / Quarrier's Homes



James Morrison Street, Glasgow

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