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Glasgow Shoemaker William Quarrier founded an Organisation called "Orphan Homes" in 1871.


About this memory

"The first Narrative of Facts, or printed annual report, was written by William Quarrier in 1872" in which he says

"My early dreams and life's desire have been partly accomplished in the establishment of the Orphan Homes, but as there are a great many orphan children whom we have not been able to take up and whom it is desirable to keep at home and train to useful occupation, I would like to see an Orphanage establishment near Glasgow on the cottage principle, to which children from any part of the country could be sent".

"By the cottage principle I mean a number of cottages built near each other, say ten, each capable to accommodating 20 or 30 children, with a father and mother at the head of each household; playground and other appliances attached to each cottage, with a school in the centre; also a central workshop; the father of each family to be able to teach a different trade, such as a tailor, shoemaker, joiner, printer, baker, farmer, smith &c,; the mother to do the cooking for each household with assistance if needed".

"The children would meet altogether at school and church and on special occasions in the common playground and at other times in their own playground. It is desirable to keep up the family and home feeling amongst the children and we believe this cannot be done in large institutions where hundreds of children are ruled by the stringent uniformity necessary where large numbers are gathered together for years".

Author or artist: Lynn Ridgway / Quarrier Homes

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