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Donaldson's Hospital, where my Mother's other Sister and Brother were


About this memory

March 1910 - My Mother's other Sister was called Elspeth who was aged 8 and her Brother's name was William who was aged 9.

Donaldson's Hospital was not a hospital but an educational establishment. My Aunt and Uncle may have been attending this grand building as a privilege because of the five children's family circumstances with no father and their mother Barbara dying with consumption. My grandmother passed away on the 1st April 1910.

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850- 1894) the famous Scottish author of Treasure Island and Kidnapped noted that "it has more the appearance of a royal palace than a building for the reception of children whose parent's are in the humbler walks of life"

My Aunt and Uncle were not sent to the Orphan Homes Of Scotland but lived with their Grandfather W. L. Grant who lived in Montgomery Street, Edinburgh.

Author or artist: Lynn Ridgway / Capital Collections


West Coates, near Haymarket, Edinburgh, Dalry

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