Mum making a cup of tea for Sean Connery (James Bond 007)


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1949 - in our House in 2 West Mill Lane, Dean Village.

I heard this story from my sister Babs when we were in Canada many moons ago. We filed it under it under "claims of fame" I personally love it.

The story goes that Sean was the street sweeper (scaffie). My brother Billy took over sweeping Dean Path while Sean ( who was called Tommy back then Born 25 August 1930 Thomas Sean Connery in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh ) was having a cup of tea with my mum. Babs walked in to hear my mum tell him he'd taken an old man's job and needed to do something with his life. Tommy Sean Connery's mother lived opposite my sister Norma when she lived in Fountainbridge.

Our house was always full ( over and above the multitude of kids ) police stopped by for a wee cuppa. Such a friendly house.

Ian my other brother would jive by using the post on my Mum's bed, which was in the recess in the Living Room. Furniture was moved so that Ian and sister Norma could jive together. So many great memories.

Tommy Sean Connery joined the Royal Navy when he was 16 but was discharged with a duodenal ulcer 3 year's later. He returned to Edinburgh and worked as a scaffie ( Street Cleaner ) labourer, milkman, lorry driver, bricklayer, lifeguard, coffin polisher and artist's model.

He went into acting and became a world household name as James Bond. He was an Oscar Academy Winner for Best Supporting Actor in 1988, and was knighted " Sir Sean Connery " by Queen Elizabeth in July 2000.

Author or artist: Lynn Ridgway / " The Scotsman Publication's Ltd "


West Mill Lane, Dean Village

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