Summer - Dean Village children playing in the Auld Ducks Damside.


About this memory

1954 - Back row left to right - Ella Donaghue, Nancy Donoghue, Maurice Flynn, Dorothy Donoghue.

Front row left to right - Margaret Lee, Michael Brash, Betty Brash, and me.

The Donoghue family lived at 37 Dean Path - the Flynn family lived in Damside - The Lee family lived at 41 Dean Path - Betty Brash lived at 37 Dean Path - and Michael Brash lived at 33 Dean Path.

When I was 10 years old Nancy Donoghue (2nd left in the photo) and I used to go down Orchard Brae to Comely Bank Cemetery and take flowers that had been put on the graves and put some on the poor graves that no one had bothered about, we just felt sorry for them. Nancy just lived a few doors up from me at 37 Dean Path.

Author or artist: Gail Featherstonhaugh

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