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George Burns Grocery & Confectionery Shop, Dean Path, Dean Village.


About this memory

My parents, Robert and Ann Burke, rented 13 Dean Path Buildings from 1947 until July 1957.

From 1948 until 1951, the flat lay empty because my Mother was in Hospital suffering from tuberculosis and my Father was in the Merchant Navy.

My first memory of the Dean was returning with my Mother in 1951 to see our flat and being taken into the back shop by Mrs Burns ( Shop shown in centre of above photograph ) and given tomato soup and a roll for lunch. It was a good start.

Our flat consisted of a living room with a bed recess and an open fire, a very small scullery with a gas cooker and a porcelain sink with a cold water tap, a bedroom a toilet and a coal cupboard. My parents installed a geyser for hot water.

When not in school I played with Lesley Findley - Dean Path Buildings , Carol Smith, Merris McLeod - Dean Path Buildings and Cherry Gibson - Well Court.

In the Dean Village we played houses and shops, ball and skipping games, hide and seek, peevers and chasing games.

If there was snow we sledged on coal shovels on the High Green, Hawthorn Area, Dean Village.

Once Mrs Gibson who was a War Widow ( Well Court ) and her mother took us all to a hut they had at Hillend, Edinburgh. We had a glorious day.

One of the two Tannery horses had a blue and a brown eye !

I remember taking our food waste to galvanised bins beside the Police Box ( opposite the Dean School ). I think it was collected for pig swill. The sole Telephone box was also on this Site.

Author or artist: Margaret Burke

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