Dean Primary School, Dean Village.


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1956 - I was enrolled in the Dean School.

My first teacher was Miss Dobson. She seemed old to me and wore her hair in a bun. I first wrote my letters and numbers on a slate with a slate pencil.

Several times a day we had to put our head on our arms and close our eyes. I think this happened when we were noisy. We had a weekly physical education class which was broadcast on the radio.

I enjoyed Dean School. I remember the whole school going to the cinema to see the Coronation and on another occasion to watch the conquest of Everest.

I remember the whole class walking unescorted down Miller Row, and the Water of Leith to Stockbridge. This would never be allowed today.

I also remember the disgusting outside toilets in the playground. They were a disgrace.

We had a Christmas party every year and I still remember how to dance six sets of the Lancers.

Each year we had a sports day in the grounds of Dean College. It was a pre-Nursing College then - previous to that it was the Dean Orphanage.



Dean Primary School, Dean Village, Dean Village

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