Photograph taken in the Dean School Playground.


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1956 - Back row left to right - Lesley Findley, Karen Dobie ? ? Front Joyce ?.

In the second class our teacher was Miss Craigie. She was close to retirement and always wore an overall to cover her clothes against the chalk dust. She had favourites in the class and used to let them sit beside her when she was reading a story aloud.

Miss Cunningham was my teacher in Year 3 and 4. She travelled in by train from Bo'ness. She was passionate about all things Scottish and giving us lines as punishment. Some of her favourite lines were " Speech is silver, silence is golden" ; " I must learn to hold my tongue " and " Empty vessels make most sound ". She also used the leather strap and the ruler (Corporal Punishment ) on our hand.

Other teachers as I progressed up the school were Miss Frazer, Mrs Irvine, Miss Edmunds the Headmistress and Mrs Greig. Mrs Greig was a war widow with a son at University. I really liked her. She had a heart problem and rarely left her seat. She was gentle and fair and never had any discipline problems. She tutored Lesley Findley, Karen Dobie, and myself for the entrance exam at James Gillespie's High School for Girls and we were all accepted. She did this after School with no reward.

Author or artist: Margaret Burke



Dean School, Dean Village, Dean Village

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