Me pictured at the "Broad Stairs". The stairs led you down from Dean Path to Damside.


About this memory

1955 - Della Marshall who lived at number 37 Dean Path and I, used to put on plays & shows for children & mum's & dad's, they would use the stairs as seats. Lots of the other children also, would put on entertainment for everyone.

These Broad Stairs had a central iron balustrade and 5 very broad landings as shown and were sandwiched between numbered 33 and 35 Dean Path Tenements.

The Broad Stairs allowed you access to Tenement's numbered 33A Dean Path, and to the Tenement at the foot of the Broad Stairs which was numbered 44 Dean Path, which was located directly opposite Robert Legget's Tannery.

On walking down the Broad Stairs --- and on the right hand side you would find the Stick Factory. My mum used to get sticks (kindle) to light the fire.

Footnote : This is a unique photo, as to date this the only photo that exists of the Broad Stairs. The Broad Stairs were completely demolished along with Dean Path tenements in 1962.

Author or artist: Gail Featherstonehaugh


Broad Stairs, Dean Path to Damside, Dean Village

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