Me and Lynn Ridgway pictured in Damside.


About this memory

1956 - Lynn Ridgway lived in West Mill Lane, Dean Village.

We are pictured facing Robert Legget's Dean Village Tannery.

To the left of the picture but out of view was Mr Clelland's Grocery & Wine & Spirit Merchant's Shop. When Mr Clelland retired the Shop was taken over by Mr Burnside.

To the right of the picture you would walk to the wooden bridge.
In the distance to the right you can see 2 large white wooden doors which was West Mill and belonged to Robert Legget's Tannery. The Building was used as a place for storing the large bales of sheep's wool.

To the left just visible was Dean Path buildings drying green.

Author or artist: Gail Featherstonehaugh

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