Me and Lynn Ridgway from West Mill Lane, Dean Village, standing in the Damside.


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1956 - with Dean Path Building to the left and Well Court to the right --- and a path leading down to the Wooden Bridge.

We are pictured facing Robert Legget's Dean Village Tannery.

To the left of the picture but out of view was Mr Clelland's Grocery & Wine & Spirit Merchant's Shop. When Mr Clelland retired the shop was taken over by Mr Burnside.

In the distance to the right you can see 2 large white wooden doors which was West Mill and belonged to Robert Legget's Tannery. The building was used as a place for storing large bales of sheep's wool.

To the left, just visible is Dean Path Buildings drying green with washing hanging out on the line.

Author or artist: Gail Featherstonehaugh

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