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My Dad drove the "Hoy's" Furniture Van which is parked here in the (Auld Ducks) Damside, Dean Village.


About this memory

1962 - Douglas my brother is pictured sitting on the van door step. (Douglas thinks the van may be a "Bedford" but can't be definite about it)

Although my dad's van is pictured in here in the "Auld Ducks"
is was usually parked on the wee slope down to the Wooden Bridge.

The advertisement on the side of the van says "There's no place like Hoy's FOR FURNITURE"

To the left of the photo is possibly my dads Hillman Husky (from the front of the car the grill is missing !!!!!!) It looks like the same car as in the 1959 photo, when we all went on holiday to Kinghorn in Fife.

(Pictured in the background to the left is the Well Court ---- to the left and out of view was where Legget's Tannery was located ------ behind the Van was Mr Burnside's Shop on the ground floor.)

Author or artist: Marjory Turner


Auld Duck's - Damside, Dean Village

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