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My mum and dad looking very smart ready to attend my dad's Annual "Hoys" Work's Dance.


About this memory

1960 - If you look closely at the wallpaper surrounding the fireplace you may notice that my dad hung the wallpaper upside down. My mum told my dad that the wallpaper flowers was upside down so he had to take the wallpaper down and re-paper, our dad was good natured.

On the right hand side of the hearth you can see a Companion Set that Douglas bought for our mum and dad as a Christmas present.

Three years ago (2015) we visited the Well Court and pointed out our house to Alex my grandson. We met a couple who had just bought our old house. They asked who Susanne was because they had peeled back the kitchen wallpaper to find an amazing message saying " Suzanne helped aged 10". Suzanne is my daughter.

Author or artist: Marjory Turner


At our home in the Well Court, Dean Village

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