One Direction


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My most favourite memory in Edinburgh is going to the One Direction concert in Murray field. I was at school until 3:40. After that I went to my mums work to get changed because it is 10 mins away from Murray field. Whilst we were walking to the stadium there were so many people and an amazing buzz around everyone. Everyone was so exited that they were actually going to see One Direction, the biggest boy band in the world. There was a massive line for merchandise and drinks. When we went in it wasn’t very organised but everyone was focused on getting to their seats. 5 Seconds of Summer were their support act and they were incredible. Then One Direction came on and everyone went mental, there was so much screaming and some girls were crying when they started singing. Once they had finished everyone cheered. Walking out of the stadium everyone was singing One Direction songs and it was so exiting and I started to sing along.

Author or artist: Abbie Wilson

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