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Ocean Terminal Shows


About this memory

My favourite memory is when i went to the shows (fun fair) with my friends in the Easter holidays 2015. We decided we would go on Wednesday because that's the day we could get a wristband for ten pounds and go on every ride. I went with two of my friends Charlotte and Abbie. We had to wait about half an hour in a huge line to buy a wristband and get into the fair and i got annoyed while standing in the line, I got annoyed because Charlotte said to Abbie that she would go on all the rides with her and I told them I felt third wheeled and they said they would go on some of the rides with me. Luckily the rides we wanted to go on were 3 seaters so that meant no one was left out. My favourite ride was the crazy frog because it had 3 seats and it was shaped like a kind of frog and you would sit in it. It would go superfast and bounce everywhere while in the air and I could not stop laughing. I could not stop laughing because Abbie wouldn't stop screaming because me and Charlotte were squashing into Abbie and I found it hard to breathe because I was laughing that much. I also saw Jade there.

Author or artist: Aimee Baxter

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