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My journey -1960s

18th April 1963

About this memory

My brother was born in April, and being on the first floor we had no lift,
and bumping a big pram up two flights of stairs must have been hard
work. This was one of the reasons you relied on your neighbours so much:
everyone was in the same situation, and everyone mucked in to make life
easier. I grew up calling our next door neighbours Aunty Mo and Uncle
Eddie. Lifelong friendships were formed by both children and
My first vivid memory of life in the flats was standing up on tip toes in
bare feet on the warm underfloor heated tiles, looking out the window at
the snow dancing in the HUGE park and listening to the wind whistling,
and feeling so safe and secure. Maybe that’s why the high rise flats still
evoke that feeling of safety, even allowing for the fact that the lovely
warm floor kept cracking and cost a fortune to use. It was made of the
new wonder material asbestos!
Summers were spent in that same park learning everything from tennis
to rounders, skipping and elastics. The ‘Tunnels’ (which were water pipes
left over from the building work) beside the drying area was your gang
hut. We were easily amused, and you had nothing but the limits of your
imagination to keep you back.

Author or artist: Maureen Dow

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