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Life in Capelaw Court - A house with a view


About this memory

Picture of Gordon Johnstone with his baby son, Keith c1965. Caerketton Court was their first family home.
As a new building, Capelaw Court was home mostly to young couples with
young children. It was thought that we would be isolated and lonely, but
nothing could be further from the truth. On the ground floor there were
communal washing areas, with washing machines and driers and there
was always someone to chat to. Neighbours across the landing, and in
the maisonettes, were always ready and willing to help out - be it looking
after children or doing shopping. Shopping in those days was close by as
the local shops in Oxgangs provided most things. There was a newsagent,
butcher, greengrocer, dairy, fish shop, hairdresser and even a hardware
shop. These shops provided another great meeting place where customers
and shop assistants were on first name terms.
Life in Capelaw, Allermuir and Caerketton Court was like living in a large
community rolled into one. Adults and children alike made friends and
there were regular coffee days, birthday and other special parties. As the children grew up together they went on to nursery and then to school.
In the summer, the park was a great place where the kids ran freely and the adults relaxed. We had some great times and lots of fun in the flats and we
know we will never have another house with a view like the one from 12/1 Capelaw court.



Capelaw and Caerketton Courts, Oxgangs

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