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Kathleen Glancy - Moving to 18 Well Court


About this memory

By the age of 10, I moved to Number 18. It was known as Jacob's ladder (the stairway to heaven!) It was the tallest and narrowest of the stairways in the Well Court. 92 steps up to the top at number 18.

It was heaven to us.We had electricity and an inside toilet.Wallpaper on the walls and inlaid linoleum on the floor.A new tiled fireplace.Two bedrooms,one all to myself.We were rich!

We kept a coal bunker on the outside landing.Newspapers were rolled up into twisters to make firelighters.Mr Glass the coal man never complained at the heavy sacks he had to carry and was always rewarded with a good tip at Xmas.You could also buy 'chuckles'an egg shape type of briquette made from coal dust which was cheap and helped to eek out the coal.The staircase had to be washed down every week.

Author or artist: MacLean, Kevin - courtesy of Capital Collections


Well Court, Dean Village, Edinburgh, Dean Village

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