Kathleen Glancy - 'Round the Gairdies'


About this memory

We all played outside summer and winter. Doctors and Nurses, Mummies and Daddies, Cowboys and Indians, hide and seek, peeverie beds using a Kiwi polish tin, skipping ropes etc.
Talent concerts were held in the summer at 'Round the Gairdies', a garden area overlooking the Water of Leith.Our parents were encouraged to watch too.Some of the older boys told tales to make the girls scared,but it was when the bats came out...a black cloud of them would suddenly appear and that's when the girls ran home.If I was naughty,my father would threaten me with the Black Maria (Police van).

I spent the earlier part of my childhood covered in bruises and grazes.The girls followed the boys in their pursuits.If you didn't you were a scardy cat.

Some of us went to Sunday School and had a new outfit for Easter Day.

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