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Damshead At Redhall Mills, 1900s/1920s


About this memory

The stepping stones provided the only means of crossing the river. When the mill was in operation water from the river passed into the lade (water channel), which would in turn make the dam dry, enabling people to cross to the other side.

Lawrence Walker (who donated the photograph) was carried by his mother across these stepping stones and up the steps at the other side for his baptism in the church at Colinton.

In the 1930s a bridge was built across the Water of Leith at this point. The Corporaton of Edinburgh had the bridge built during the Depression to provide work and alleviate poverty.

Employment was also offered to construct the walkway along the Water of Leith to Stockbridge. Millstones from the demolished Lindsay's Mill were taken and set up as a feature in Dean Village.

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