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Two Sisters On The Catwalk At A Fashion 'Mannequin Parade' At Drill Hall In Irvine 21 Sept 1959


About this memory

(L-R) - Sisters Norma-Ann and Sandra Clayton.

"My father, Douglas Clayton, was a councillor on Irvine Town Council and served on many local committees. To raise funds for elderly people in the town the Joint Wards Old Folks Committee decided to hold what was called a 'Mannequin Parade' and Dad persuaded several ladies' outfitters in the town to provide samples of the latest fashions for the amateur models to wear. Alas, I didn't get a party frock to model. My younger sister, Sandra, and I, are pictured here wearing 'back to school' attire, a sensible duffle coat for her and a stunning trench coat and hat for me!

"Note that all the ladies in the audience are wearing their best coats and hats for the occasion." -Norma-Ann Coleman (née Clatyon)

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