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Group Portrait Of Guests At The Windsor Boarding House At Rothesay 1920s


About this memory

"When he was a wee boy my father, Douglas Clayton, was playing at circuses with his pal, Angus McPherson. Angus painted Douglas's face with some unpleasant substance to make him look like a clown. Unfortunatley, or so it seemed at first, his face 'went all scabby' and he had to go to the doctor. As well as giving him something for his face, the doctor decreed that the boy needed building-up and should have a holiday. So Douglas's mother took him to Rothesay where they stayed in the Windsor Boarding House.

"For some reason a group photo of the guests was taken. Now, all these people were on holiday but there is no casual clothing to be seen. They are all in their 'Sunday Best' and even young Douglas is wearing a shirt and tie for the occasion. His face looks fine so the doctor's prescribed remedy must have worked!

"Also in the photo are my grandmother, Isabella Crawford McKay Clayton, her friend Nell Anderson, and Nell's father, a pawnbroker from Cambuslang." - Norma-Ann Coleman (née Clayton)

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