'Oh, yes it is!'

December 2008

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This picture shows Mairi Beaver as 'Cinderella' and Lyzzie Dell as 'The Wicked Stepmother' in Edinburgh People's Theatre's production of their 2008 pantomime, 'Cinderella,' performed at the Church Hill Theatre.

Mairi recalls that: 'It was the first time I played the part and the production had the most amazing carriage that moved! It did mean I had a costume change to do in about one minute flat, and when the curtains opened at the end of Act 1, there was just the loudest gasp! It was lovely to see how excited all the children were, especially when meeting some of the cast. It really was the most magical show.'

Fascinatingly, Edinburgh People's theatre have staged a panto at the Church Hill Theatre every year bar one since the venue opened; the first being an adaptation of Frederick Davis' 'The Enchanted Waltz' in 1965.

Author or artist: Edinburgh People's Theatre

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