Excavator Operator Standing With His Son By The Cabin c.1946


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Harry Sime, with his son, also Harry Sime.

"During the war Harry Sime worked as a bus-driver in Glasgow. When the war ended, he moved his family to Auchtermuchty in Fife and, for a time, he drove an excavator (or 'digger'). One day, when he was transferring his excavator from one site to another along a main road, he had to pass under some electric cables. He did not realise there was not enough clearance for the extended jib of the excavator and a high-voltage current of electricity shot through the metal vehicle. Against the odds, he survived completely unscathed, thanks to his heavy-duty rubber welly-boots which had earthed him. A short article appeared in the local paper the next day describing his lucky escape. He cut it out and carried it in his wallet as a talisman for the rest of his life." - Evelyn Whitfield

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