Ville sur Ancre Communal Cemetery


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2. I wanted to find out more about my wife's relative John Dick. Time passes quickly but in 2007 on our return from holidaying in France I decided to drive back via the cemetery where John was buried. This was in a small hamlet called Ville sur Ancre a few miles from Albert.

On arrival at the hamlet there was no one around but after a short search we found the Cemetery and went in. At the far end of the cemetery are 21 graves of war casualties. Finding John’s headstone did not involve a prolonged search (rear row second right in photograph) and as we stood by it we felt quite emotional as we must have been the only family members ever to visit his grave. We wandered through the burials and my interest grew as I noted another eleven headstones with the same date of death and all Royal Engineers. This intrigued me further and I was determined to find out why. I noted the names of these casualties as I walked about.

Author or artist: Andrew Grant



Ville sur Ancre, France

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