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Enter the Breaking the News photography competition 2022

What’s happening where you are?

Add a photo of the community activity from your area to be entered into the Breaking the News photography competition and a chance to win afternoon tea for two.

The competition runs until 30 June 2022 and entries must be tagged with ‘BreakingTheNews’.

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Skiers In The Pentlands Taking Advantage Of A Hard Winter 1962


About this memory

(L-R) - George Farquhar, Neil Lumsden James Dignall.

"Very hard winter with deep snow, so much so that we were able to ski over a totally hidden five-bar gate - we used to walk the area. We skied from Hillend - before the dry ski slope - to Flotterstone, skiing back along the Carlops Road which was blocked by snow.

"We were members of the Milton Amateur Wrestling Club at Milton Street, Abbeyhill. George wrestled in the Melbourne Olympics in 1956, [he is] now a lone sailor - twice round the Horn single-handed, Perth, Australia to South Queensferry. He is related to the chimney sweep Farquhar.

"The skis were hired from Tiso's in Rodney Street, opposite the Ritz cinema." - Jim Dignall [2004]

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