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Mother With Baby By Gas Lamp Ouside Home At 27 Restalrig Gardens, January 1937


About this memory

Jessie Klyes Dignall (née McVey) holding her son James.

"At gate of 27 Restalrig Gardens where we stayed. [At] left-hand side of photo is a wooden fence separating Restalrig Gardens from the grounds of Restalrig House - [it was] demolished in the 50s/60s [and] replaced by high-rise flats. [Also, it was] used by the fire brigade during World War Two.

"[The] building [in the background] is the rear entrance to St Ninian's Roman Catholic School.

"[The] gas lamp was not replaced till the late fifties - useful for hanging ropes on to make a swing. Most of the iron railings in the street were removed during World War Two but the gates were left." - Jim Dignall [2005]

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