Photo shows Albert, George, James and John Dick images. Albert’s ‘dog-tags and ‘that’ bullet. War medals of William (left and John (right). John’s ‘Dead Man’s Penny’


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8. Moving on to the present day. A few weeks ago a friend told me of a book “Somme 1916. A Battlefield Companion.” by Gerald Gliddon he had just purchased and there was a bit about Royal Engineers being killed at Ville sur Ancre in the text. In essence it states John and the others had just finished their lunch on that fateful day and were sitting around chatting when a German shell exploded at the door of the billet killing the eleven men. They were buried that afternoon in the local cemetery. The three who died of wounds were treated, I assume, at a field hospital and are buried in Mericourt Cemetery a short distance away.
As I note at the start Perseverance pays and in this case I am finally satisfied about the outcome.
However if anyone can provide information on Archie Dick I would be most grateful to receive this. I can be contacted through Leith Library.

Author or artist: Andrew Grant

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