Sisters And Brother In East Princes Street Gardens, early 1960s


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Laura, Hazel, and Ernest Muir.

"Not many years between these three children, Laura (eldest) on the left, Hazel (second eldest), Ernest (eldest son). My children had three different types of clothes, these were the 'Sundays'. The school clothes waiting for Monday to come.

"This photo probably at Easter, hats for the girls, Laura's matched her coat as a set. Most were bought at C&A's. They were intent on being near the pigeons.

"Play clothes were of anything. Trouble was all were grown out of quickly, as the prices increased had to cost out three of everything. All things needed were for them, I always did without (gladly). Not much choice in child clothes in those days, especially [for] boys." - Evelyn Muir (née Mobbs)

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