Playing tennis and Kick the Can in Well Court


About this memory

We used to play tennis, cricket, Kick The Can and home made Guider Racing in the Well Court.

The big down side of this venue was that the mum's ( how dare they ) kept on moaning at us, as they wanted to hang their washing out in the centre area of the Well Court ( Huge Bummer ).

We also used the garden's area at the back of Well Court, where we generally congregated at the big roofed wooden bench, which was well used for carving your name with a pen knife. I think there were only small area's left for future names. We also used the red slated roof of the bench for head the ball games, to see who could keep the ball bouncing of the roof, with only the use of your head. ( Unfortunately, I cannot remember my record or which one of us got the most header's. )

Author or artist: Jim Cunningham



Well Court, Dean Village, Edinburgh, Dean Village

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