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Alastair W. Forbes - Drumsheugh Swimming Baths


About this memory

Drumsheugh Swimming Baths is one of the oldest and finest Victorian Private Swimming Club's in Britain.

As Children we managed to get into Drumsheugh Swimming Baths by the back door ( without parental supervision ) in Hawthorn Lane, Dean Village with the help of the man who cleaned the baths.

Sometimes we actually paid to swim and that is when I got my first Swimming Lesson from Charles McCole who lived in the Well Court.

My Lesson started with Me on Charles shoulder in the water and then Charles who was tall, walked up toward's the Deep End and just chucked me of his shoulder's into the Deep End and somehow I managed to get to the side.

Swimming Lesson finished and from that point, I actually started to swim.

Not the best Swimming Lesson but it was effective. Charles ( rest in peace old son ) was a great guy.

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